Sway your hips baby.

With her Hindi music she touched my inner heart chambers. Swaying her hips with her eyes closed, she hoped. She hoped this moment would last, at-least for a minute if not for a lifetime. Ex boyfriend stories hijacked the moment with an enthusiastic tone she shared her sympathy. If only he could be real, “Just admit to dating her and loving it”. A phone call interrupted the story telling. Beside me is the blue eyed one, for now I call her the subsidy lady. Reason being that we spent the last two days talking about farmers subsidies in India. The talk continued for hours and even stole the few minutes of my federal Tax II class. Really I do not learn much anymore. I have reached a point where I tell myself much of the learning has already happened. We all know that is a lie.

As I sit here I think about how easy it is to take these moments for granted. We sit, we worry and complain. I figure it is because we do not know what we have. We are not aware of how much power we have. The mere fact that we have each other is tremendously exciting. Never will we ever have these many nationalities in one room. We will rarely have this realness in one room. Men are cooking and three ladies are working in their laptops, this alone is a statement in its own right. Your mothers never experienced that. Our sisters will never have the luxury of owning their lives completely.

I hear her laughing from the other room. She is obviously happy and its her birthday so I wish her all the happiness in the world. A birthday is one day in the entire year when one is allowed to reflect. From reflecting I usually think of all the glories of being present. I think of how much of a privilege it is to be alive and well; today. When I think about who I am, who my parents are and who my siblings are I am humbled. Maybe I should be content with where I am. Maybe I should be proud of who I am and how much I have accomplished. Honestly  I have men in the kitchen talking about religion and how much religion is influenced by culture. This gentleman is talking about how religion is about rules, and greatly based on interpretation. I mean really who can honestly claim to have such conversations out of the blue. Instead of talking about Kim and Rihanna, they are actually talking about sacred texts and how much is lost in translation.

The mood switches and Rihanna ‘Work’ is on full blast. At the end of the day, we are ordinary young adults and we literally just sang along to the whole song. With the help of GOOGLE of course. The conversation switches to Kendric Lamar and him being a genius. He is talking about how people do not sing about love anymore, I wonder why? Food is ready so I should go!


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