On Hope’s Shore

Back and forth, back and forth, as if imitating the ebb and flow of an ocean shore–that is how I see life nowadays. Some days I am in the day, living in the day, and most days I feel like my heart wants to jump out of my chest. On those days when the tide is high, my hope is high and I feel like I can fall in love by the mere act of looking in a stranger’s eyes. Those are the good times. Those are the days when I feel like I can fly. I love living in days like that. Love in such times comes easy to me.

Unfortunately, like sunrise and sunset, like the moon and the sun, life has dualities that cannot be escaped. To every high, there is a low and sometimes, it is as if life demands a retribution for our happiness. For happiness now, there is a payment of sadness to follow.

When the tide is low–the tide is really low. I sink in an abominable trough of misery and cynicism. The strangers that would brighten my day on my high days become a reminder of people I will never have. Their differences in relation to me become accentuated–and that moment, the world reminds me of where I really belong.

Tjikuzu Tjizembua



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