The world has so much to offer. As I sit here on a Tuesday Afternoon drinking my ‘Iced Coffee Toddy with hazelnut flavoring’ I reflect. It’s interesting how as human beings we quickly forget  who we are and where we have been. I know that a month from now I will be looking forward to a greater paycheck, worrying about my future and hoping for more. That’s just how we operate these days. We are constantly riding this weird puzzling rollercoaster of nothing but ‘longing’ and hoping for more. For now I want to sit here with my laptop, with my friend and her snapchat and finally I want to look outside the window and stare at this red car next to this church. I want to  Exhale because I am here and I am present! So, I would advice you to take just 30 seconds surveying your surroundings. Not with criticism but with appreciation. Smile for you are here and you are present because we rarely are.


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