I love you too.

I love you so much. I love you for comforting me. You are a gift from the future. You are the one I want to meet. Your love is strengthening and encouraging. Your compassion is blinding like the beauty of sunrise in Spring. Your words built my spirituality and fed my philosophical brain. Your love gave me power. Allowed for the monster in me to flourish. You allowed me to be selfish consistently. I gave you what I could afford and not what you needed. I gave you passion and stole your smile. I fed you a dream made up of lavender smoke. You loved the scent so much that you saw flowers instead of a cloud. I showed you my weaknesses when it was convenient and necessary for your bondage. I grew taller from standing on your feet. You fell at my feet begging for freedom with a smile on your face. You bled from my warm kisses.

The problem with all of this is that you arrived too early. I never had this much power. I am always the giver and not the receiver. I am learning how to control myself. I am like an infant learning to sit-up. I love you and I am setting you free. I need you sane and healthy. I am ending the cycle today. From today onwards you shall smile from your own efforts. From today onwards you are a man!. A man I am proud of and love dearly. Today You have earned my respect. You are currently wearing a coat of honor and dignity. Never take it off. Farewell my lover.


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