Who is taking care of the tree?

I have been with you for 5 years now. We are more than just a couple, we are friends. We share one bed, one logic and one understanding-at least I thought we did. To me loyalty meant more than passion. Lust and butterflies all died with my youth. I longed for comfort more than orgasms. Our friends think the best of us. I am your comforter and your friend before I am your sex mate. I stayed for laughs and the walks and not for fucking. I thought you knew that. I told you about myself and my desires. I am a bird and you are my nest. Our love is the tree. The tree protects both the bird and the nest simultaneously. Without the support of the tree the nest would simple parish. The most important part however is that the bird builds the nest. The bird chooses the design, chooses the material and works on the nest for hours if not days. The nest stays in one place while the bird flies to different places; more for food than anything else. The bird always comes back to its own nest. From the nest the bird gets comfort. One wonders which is more important to the bird-the nest or the tree. I say the tree. with the tree intact and strong the nest stays safe. If the tree is dry and falling off the nest is not safe. The bird deserves a safe nest! She built the nest from ground up, with patience and love. Who in the world is taking care of the tree?


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