Dear Diary.

Snapchat-3405132055976552543.jpgWith each other my beloved we walked this gravel road not knowing how great we are together. We called it a walk when it was a ‘life changing experience’. With no one around but our three spirits we shared. We opened our hearts and healed wounds. One complained about not being enough. The lesson was about fearing ‘to disappoint those we love. As we approached the end, we realized that we have come too far. We realized that we are great the way we are. To our parents, to our friends and to our peers at home we are the greatest. We are lucky. We were granted an opportunity to discover ourselves surrounded by people of different skin color, different faiths and different languages. The UWC experience was the greatest and we should be grateful. At that moment we reminded each other of the dangers of always hoping for more. We reminded each other of how things will turn out in the end. Everything will be okay! I just hope I remember this, in this confusing lonely time.


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