Brunch or usual suspects? Whatever it is, I have fallen in love yet again. You are my exhale. I feel restored and I know I’m closer to my true self. Your words ring true and they bring me back to my original comfort zone. A place where I felt unstoppable and ready. I will not give you all the credit! I too have been searching for the her I know I was born to be. She favors success over sleep. She blossoms with a simple thank you. She prays to see her mother’s tears of joy. She yearns to be needed and loved. She worships those that elevate her. Stay with me good sir! I need your charisma, I need your drive and the lord knows I want your touch. For me it’s not even about what you say or what you have, but rather what you know you are capable of. You said you owe it to those who believe in you and I had an orgasm. A mental orgasm where everything made sense. Then, you reminded me of who I am. You woke her up. The woman who only reaches for perfection, the woman who defines strong. The woman who is about action! A dreamer at heart and a lover in nature. I miss her and sometimes I wonder if I have even met her. Here is what I know to be true. You might not last. I might not get the privilege to be called your woman… But I will use you to build her! I will use you as an example of who I need to be. I will beat you at your own game because I will do it with grace. I will believe in exhale! I will believe in being cozy and I will take several sips of wine. I will meet King and I will recognize the magic and worship him. I will use you to get abs and a promotion 😀😀. I will use you to feel alive again. I will treasure you as my secret.



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